The good and bad parts of being torn between cultures

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I still remember the day I asked my mom if I could attend my white friend’s birthday sleepover. I barely got to the end of the sentence before she uttered the forceful no that settled at the tip of her lips. We were Indian and we did not sleep over at other people’s houses. She was annoyed at the preposterous question that I dared raise. The matter had been settled and I knew better than to raise the topic again. …

How endless thoughts and contemplating the meaning of life led me to wellness practices

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Living in New York, I knew only one mode — GO! My alarm would the knock the life back into me. I would peel myself out of bed after minimal sleep and trudge myself over to a boxing class or gym workout before work. I would offset my begrudging days at work with a social calendar filled with drinks and dinners with friends. A solid night bar hoping typically ended with a slice of pizza or a McDonalds cheeseburger — no judgment! …

Be a better employee, entrepreneur and investor.

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Amazon really turned everything upside down for me. They operated for seven years before a profit was turned. As an accountant raised by immigrants who harped on job security, and investing money in property and not stocks, I just did not get it. Why did so many people flock to invest in a company that was losing money in the hopes that they would one day turn a profit?

I was seeking the stability my parents effectively engrained and landed myself at a Global corporation whose US operations served as a cash cow…

And how I landed the one.

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The city that never sleeps, unfortunately that included the endless buzzing of the numerous dating apps I was using. I remember moving to New York and naively thinking that dating will be easy with the plethora of eligible smart and successful bachelors. Clearly I hadn’t educated myself on the workings of the “Sex and the City” lifestyle and all the nonsense it entailed. The reality is that in order to dodge advances from egocentric investment bankers in bars (you know, that glorious pre-COVID location for drinks), I had to take finding interesting men into…

How to challenge your beliefs

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I remember sitting in my Atlanta Airbnb watching the 2020 presidential election unfold and was dumbfounded by the results. I had concocted this story in my find of a landslide victory for Joe Biden. It seemed impossible that an outwardly racist candidate could possibly win another election. While I and half the country were pleased with the results, a harsh reality is that 74 million people were disappointed.

We naturally surround ourselves with like minded people, and the reality is that there are various perspectives we are never subjected to — or frankly even open…

Tena Walia

Sparking debates and listening intently

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